Welcome to LoveSmoothSkin, the best online Korean facial mask store!

We are a small team of visionary beauty lovers located in Singapore importing facial mask directly from those re-owned supplier in Korea.

Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of Korean facial mask products from the world’s leading Korean beauty brands such as JayJun, Dr.Face, Forencos, CHA:LAB, Holika Holika etc. Furthermore, we are also expanding our product brands on a regular basis! The products we stock in our warehouse and also listed on our website are guaranteed genuine.

We are well aware of the growth of counterfeit products out in the market. And because of this, we believe it is our mission to deliver you genuine, good quality products while giving our trust to you by achieving customers satisfaction and also to provide an holistic skincare solutions you need and deserve.

To ensure quality of our products, we only stock recently manufactured products as we purchase directly from Korean official retail shops and brand manufacturers. We hope your visit will not be the last and we look forward to serving you!

– From your LoveSmoothSkin team