Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Sheet (Aqua)

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Donkey milk, the newest Korean beauty secret “it” item. Containing an ample amount of Vitamins A, B, D, C and E and bio-polymers to moisturize and slow down the aging process. Intensely hydrate your skin with this Donkey Milk Aqua Gel Mask and leave your skin looking bright, radiant, and youthful.
Benefits of using Donkey Milk Aqua

  1. Promote skin metabolism
  2. Increase blood circulation
  3. Improve skin hydration
  4. Make your skin moist, flexible, and restore the skin’s luster
  5. Repairs and activate of the role of the skin to ensure a good natural moisturizer and firming effect
  6. Increase inhibit pigment that fades freckles, with whitening effect

Rich Ingredients

  1. Donkey milk contained acid-base taro beauty of fine white skin, the skin delicate, shiny and elastic.
  2. Donkey milk whey protein content is high, 64% of the total protein content, 71% of human milk, goat’s milk and milk more than two times. Whey protein is the king of nutrition, soluble protein with human tissue repair effect.
  3. Donkey milk contains rich amino acids, can shrink pores, moisturizing whitening, anti-aging wrinkle.
  4. Donkey milk rich in EGF factor (epidermal growth factor), beauty abroad EGF factor called “whitening factor”, with a clear skin whitening, moisturizing wrinkle effect.